About Jake Plummer

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Many people I come across tell me I'm the first person they've met that was actually from here! I currently live in Fort Mill, however it is literally about a mile from the NC border so I still consider myself a Charlotte-an.

Around the age of 13 is when I got my first computer. A beastly 233MHz Pentium II with 8MB of RAM and who knows what type of integrated video memory. Nevertheless, I made the most of it. I joined the AOL community and began socializing with people online who had the same interests as myself.

I ended up meeting alot of people who shared my interests in computers, whether it was gaming, programming or just general interests. After spending alot of time online, I realized that working with computers was the direction for me.

I decided to enroll in the Internet Technologies field at Gaston College. This seemed like the right fit for me because it covered a broad range of computer related skills from XHTML and CSS to Visual Studio .NET. I enjoyed all aspects of the field, but took the direction of building websites using XHTML and CSS, although programming and logic still intrigue me, which is why I am beginning to learn more about PHP and MySQL as they seem to be the popular choice for creating dynamic websites today.

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